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Third year architecture portfolio

The Ancoats Creative Hub


My intention was to generate form as sculpture; as a sculptor such that Chilida would carve marble to create a void. I wanted to use the air as a solid medium that needs to be carved. This tool is perhaps what NOX would call a Machine, the process in which I can move from the convergent processes to a divergent one.

The form is derived from the study and analysis of context, programme and environment.

I begin with the Location Filter; this allows me to place public nodes on site using the traffic flow information gathered (this turns out to be on the East elevation of the site). Now, using the sight-lines from the site outward and vice-versa (from Oldham Road) I am able to place ‘view-nodes’. These are located on either side of the site.

The next layer is the sustainable - solar-gain system. This is simply a large surface area on the Southern Elevation, it will act as a buffer zone, and programme elements will not be present in this area.

The next layer is the wind study; it shows me where a sheltering zone must be placed if the outside is to be used throughout the year.

The form in its basic sense is an abstraction of sunlight versus context, a subtractive element; it was created as an extrusion of site boundary and intersected by volumetric shadow to produce a ‘positive’ void.

Essentially, the left-over crystal(s) are a perfect solar envelope; everything within this form will always have direct sun-light throughout the year (assuming this space stays empty of mass).

I am using this form to create a ‘shell’ in which to begin imprinting programme.

The next step is to begin adding layers/filters. Each time one is applied the form becomes more focused and determined/divergent. The rational cuboid geometry intersected by ‘blobby’ nodal-connectivity will create an engaging and practical space for the people of Ancoats to practice their creative talents.

Walkthrough animation of the platfields creative hub (please forgive the render quality!)

rendered image Render showing the project in context plus an interior view
rendered image Render of climate control/buffer zone
rendered image Cut-section showing structural build-up
rendered image Exterior render
rendered image Proposal formation diagrams
rendered image
rendered image
rendered image
rendered image
rendered image
rendered image General Arrangment Plan - Levels 4 to 3
rendered image General Arrangment Plan - Levels 2 to 0
rendered image Context Plan - Level 0 - Parking and Landscape
rendered image Interior 'ribbon' concept visuals
rendered image Environmental strategy - Summer and Winter Solstice'
rendered image Interior colour scheme based on my 'colour finger-printing' technique
rendered image The 'Panton' Room, based on the works of Verner Panton
rendered image More visuals

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