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Second year architecture portfolio

Platfield Costume Gallery


As fossil fuels become less abundant and environmental change becomes more noticeable, society is growing more aware of how habitual change has the potential to make large environmental improvement.

This reflection in architecture has spawned various creations from the ‘Eco-Tech’ approaches by the likes of Nicholas Grimshaw, Thomas Herzog and Renzo Piano to the more conservative low-tech, traditional vernacular or grass-roof approach.

The new costume gallery is sited in the existing Platt Fields Park and includes gallery and cat-walk space, office and work space for the staff, environmentally controlled storage and display space for the costumes, a cloakroom and gift shop and a cafe space with sun terrace to take advantage of the beautiful park views.

The scheme uses stack ventilation and high thermal mass as part of its bio-climatic and sustainable criteria whilst using ‘shed’ construction technology for fast, economical construction.

Plattfields Park, Shadow Study

Plattfield Park, Manchester - Intersecting Shadow Study (Winter Solstice) Animation

project image Exterior/Interior view through social space & timber cladding

project image Interior view of the social space showing stack ventilation in background
project image Exterior view showing cooling ponds adjacent to plenum intake grilles
project image Overview of diagrams used to generate the design
project image Plenum, Ground & First Floor Plans
project image Long Section in Context
project image Technical Cut-Section
project image Structural 3D Model
project image Exterior Renders

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